Wild Hog Mix-Crazy Critters
Wild Hog Mix-Crazy Critters
Crazy Critters

Wild Hog Mix

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At Crazy Critters, we feed our hedgehogs only the best - a mix of 4-5 cat foods that have the highest quality ingredients, low fat plus omega fatty acids for healthy skin & soft quills. There are NO by-products, dyes, chemicals or fillers in these foods.

"Wild Hog” mix approximately 34% protein - 13% fat content.
 Added into the ‘Wild Hog” mix is dried mealworms for a healthy fiber boost that test great! 

When feeding your pet hedgehog it is best to mix several brands of different foods together. This way you are sure to be meeting your hedgehogs specific nutritional needs, that a single brand of food may be lacking.

However, buying several bags and mixing it can be expensive when the food can expire or go stale long before a hedgehog can eat it all. This is where our food mix "Wild Hog" comes in, one bag will last most hedgehogs around two months so you don't have to worry about the food losing its nutritional quality or taste. 


Check out our Hedgehog Care page for tips on feeding your pet

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