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Hedgehog Colors & Patterns READ ONLY

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Hedgehog Colors & Patterns

Here at Crazy Critters we offer a wide variate of fancy colored & patterned hedgehogs as companion pets. Our color/pattern descriptions have been designed to help you differentiate between our hedgehogs that we have for adoption on a consistent basis. 

There can be many shading differences, varieties and patterns changes. This color & patterns guide is  to show you what our hedgehogs look like and colors or patterns you can expect on average.


Albinos lack any pigmentation and as such are not a true color or color pattern in the truest sense of the term, but for the sake of understanding is included here to differentiate the Albino from the various colors.
  • The quills are all white with no banding.
  • The face and fur are white.
  • The skin is pink and the eyes are red.
  • The nose is pink.

Apricot Left / Albino Right


  • The quills are white, banded by pale orange, almost all of the quills are banded.
  •  The skin over the shoulders is pink.
  • The eyes are red & the nose is pink.
  • The face is not masked.
  • The underbelly is white.
Classic Grey
  • The quills are white, banded by black with rusty-brown outer edges, almost all of the quills are banded.
  • The skin over the shoulders is grey.
  • The nose is black / The eyes are black
  • The mask is small but black.
  • There is some mottling of the underbelly.


A hedgehog with a Half-Mask will have a mask on only one side of the face with varying amounts of color for each hedgehog – the other side of the face is all white, although, sometimes the hedgehog will have an Eye Patch on the all white side as well. The mask ideally is split down the face fairly evenly. Some other breeders call this Facial Marking a Pinto-Face or a Split-Face.

Pinto / Mottled Colored

Pinto is a color pattern, rather than a color and as such may appear on any colored hedgehog. The Pinto pattern can be distinguished by a total lack of color on the quills and skin beneath in distinct patches or spots over the hedgehog's back. Ideally, the white patches are to be symmetrical between one side of the hedgehog, divided down the length of the body by the dorsal, and the other. The remainder of the quills - those with colored banding - remain consistent with the hedgehog's basic coloration.

Reverse Pinto

A Reverse Pinto hedgehog has all white patches or spots on more than 75% of a its body and less than 25% of its body has colored patches/spots. This color pattern always has an all White Face with one or both ears white/pink as well. However, eye patches are possible and actually quite common as well. Most will have Dark Eyes, but Dark Ruby Eyes are fairly common as well.


The Snowflake pattern is a fairly even mix of banded and non-banded quills. This gives the hedgehog the appearance of having a light "snowflake'' dusting over its back. This pattern can appear in both White-Bellied and Algerian colors.

At Crazy Critters our hedgehogs often have this pattern mixed in with their regular color.

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