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DOB: July 2, 2017
Gender: Male
Breeder Info: Walnut Ridge Kennel LLC

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  • American Canine Association
  • Continental Kennel Club
  • Universal Kennel Club International
  • American Kennel Club
  • United All Breed Registry
  • America's Pet Registry, Inc.
  • United Kennel Club

Weight: 7–13 pounds Height: 9–12 inches
Based on breed recognition. See store for details on this particular puppy.)



The Havanese is the National Dog of Cuba, arriving there from Europe in the 17th century. A member of the Bichon family, the Havanese was known as the Havana Silk Dog and the Spanish Silk Poodle.


Small, 8-11” at the shoulders, weighing anywhere from 7-14 pounds. The Havanese is a strong and sturdy little dog with a long (6-8”) double coat that comes in colors of white, cream, gold, brown, black, silver, blue, parti and tri-color. Both outer and under coats are soft and lightweight to ensure protection from the sun and as a cooling agent because this breed is from a tropical climate. This also means that this breed needs to be kept warm in cold temperatures, in spite of having a double coat.


The Havanese requires a daily walk or jog with off-leash play in a safe area. Get your veterinarian’s approval before exercising your Havanese in cold weather because this tropical breed does not do well in cold temperatures.

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