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Flying your pet home READ ONLY

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Shipping your new pet home

It is NOT legal to ship mammals by US Mail, FedEx, UPS. The only safe & legal way to ship them is by flying.

Shipping is available, weather permitting to most locations in the USA. Our sugar gliders ship through the airlines with same day arrival. We ship through Delta airlines at a cost of $175.00.  This price includes: Airline flight, a small pet airline approved crate, heating pack (if needed) and Health certificate (if required) all to ensure that the ride to you is safe and comfortable.

We ship to legal states within the continental U.S. Our shipping days are Monday through Thursday.

Before we will ship your NEW babies to you we need to make sure that you have everything setup (i.e. the cage & other supplies) before we send you the actual sugar gliders/hedgehogs.  After you place the order we will ship out your cage, food, and supplies to the address you provided.  All of your sugar glider/hedgehog supplies should arrive within a few days to a week.  As soon as you receive it and have set it up, email us and we will get your babies all ready to be sent to your home.  If you are ordering just the exotic pet (i.e. sugar gliders or hedgehog) you must send us a picture of your set up for them or we will NOT place the babies with you. As our babies go to approved homes only and the best way to do this via the internet is to see what kind of home you are going to provide them.

We will need discuss the best days to schedule a flight. We use Delta Airlines for our shipping carrier. You will receive an e-mail with all important shipping information. If you don't confirm the flight arrangements, I will not ship the sugar gliders/hedgehog. If you can not make a scheduled flight, please let me know as soon as possible.

We do the best we can to ensure that shipping is as stress free as possible. We try to schedule early flights during an animals natural sleeping hours. The night before we ship, we give them extra play time to ensure they are tired, and ready to sleep.

PLEASE check to make sure that your sugar gliders/hedgehogs are okay BEFORE leaving the Airlines office. (a quick crab will do or snort). We ask that you call us upon your arrival home to ease our mind that the sugar gliders/hedgehog made it to their new home safely.

The babies will be shipped via Delta airlines to the closest major city to you which accepts animals.  The container we ship them in was designed for this purpose and is the best method to ship a sugar gliders/hedgehogs we know of.  You will have all the flight information ahead of time and you will arrange to meet your new pets at the airport. It is very important that you are waiting at the airport when the babies arrive.  

You will then pick up your new babies and take them home and put them in the new enclosure. The next day after they have had a good nights sleep you can start playing and bonding with your new family members. 

Delta's "Pets First": 1-888-SEND-PET (888-736-3738)

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