Where do Crazy Critters puppies come from?

Our Commitment
Our mission is to enhance the human-animal bond and provide life-long companions for families. We follow strict requirements to achieve that mission and are proud of our commitment to animal welfare and life quality of our pets.

As an independently owned and operated store the Kelly Family is personally responsible for choosing healthy pets from responsible breeders and we do this by establishing relationships, visiting facilities and picking puppies from approved facilities that insure both parents and puppies are happy, healthy, and cared for in clean homes and kennels where daily enrichment and loving contact happens each and every day.

Where do Crazy Critters puppies come from? Our puppies are happy and healthy family pets that come from:

1. USDA licensed breeders and distributors with no direct violations on their latest inspection report. These puppies are UTD on shots, microchipped and vet checked.

2. Hobby breeders as defined by the Animal Welfare Act. These are breeders who raise their dogs in a humane manner. These puppies are UTD on shots and vet checked.

3. Local adoption pets that are vet-checked. Additionally, some of our puppies or dogs come from local animal shelters or rescues dedicated to finding homes for accidental litters. These puppies and dogs are UTD on shots and vet checked. The USDA is the agency that regulates the food we feed our families, and we trust its oversight to keep us safe. According to the USDA, there are approximately 120 field inspectors who conduct inspections at the roughly 1,700 licensed kennels. Additionally, our breeders are covered under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). Shelters or rescues are not covered under this comprehensive law.

Additionally, local governments have their own regulations and laws that protect animals and the breeders we buy from must comply with these laws.

What are some of the things required of the breeders?
Our breeders are required to meet federal, state, and local laws and maintain our own high standards. Our breeders are required to obtain a license from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). APHIS inspectors from the Animal Care division conduct unannounced compliance inspections to ensure that the animals receive good care and treatment. 

Our breeders go above and beyond these strictly enforced standards by providing these additional services for the pets in their care: 

A consulting veterinarian providing good medical care Safe and comfortable housing Frequent socialization and exercise State-issued Health Certification 

How does Crazy Critters choose where to get puppies from?
Crazy Critters works only with reputable breeders that come highly respected along with personal visits made to these USDA inspected facilities

An ongoing, transparent process:
We recognize and respect the concerns and sensitivities folks have in regard to these issues and we hope that you will recognize, as we have, that the healthy happy puppies that you see while visiting are only possible when high standards are maintained for both adult dogs (parents) as well as their puppies.

Crazy Critter puppies go home with specific breeder information, shot and veterinarian records, registration paperwork, State-issued Health Certification, food samples, training tips, toys and many other goodies as well as are life long good wishes.