Store Policies

Crazy Critters store policies, items that are not necessarily covered by the health warranty. 

Crazy Critters puppies are sold with a health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian. All of our puppies are on a regular preventative schedule from the breeder and then to us. This includes vaccinations against canine distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, canine parvo, bordetella (kennel cough) and de-worming. 

All of our puppies have been treated for Coccidiossis. Coccidiossis can flare up under the stress of a new environment. In this case you may see a slight mucous stool and occasionally accompanied by what appears to be a spec or two of blood, this is easily treated if it occurs. Call Crazy Critters to tell staff of the health concern and than contact your vet for treatment.

Hypoglycemia in tiny dog breeds can be a common problem easily avoided by closely monitoring your little one especially during the first few days and making sure to always have food available. Refer to your puppy packet for more information. 

*Please make sure to speak to your veterinarian to continue an immunization and de-worming schedule.

*Health guarantees are voided if anyone smokes around the puppies or exotic pets.

*All health guarantees are voided if our food formals are not feed and if our menu plans are not followed for the exotic pets.

Behavioral Issues

(i.e. biting, destruction, escapism, fearfulness, dominance) that might lead to abandonment of the animal: Buyer/Adopter agrees to contact a obedience trainer as well as Crazy Critters to follow the recommendation in resolving any issues as an effort to maintain custody of the pet.


Crazy Critters “Wild Glider” does not replace puppies or exotic pets due to personality or behavior issues. All puppies & exotic pets are individuals and have their own unique personalities. 

 It is in your best interest to spend as much “quality time” as possible because ultimately you will be the one responsible for molding the personality of your puppy or exotic pet in to loving members of your family for many years to come!


Crazy Critters dose not offer NO MONETARY REFUNDS