We have been enjoying every minute (that Max isn't asleep) with him! We are so happy to find such an amazing hedgehog who loves to explore! He loves being in our hoodies and playing with all of his toys! 

Crazy critters is a great pet shop, they all really know so much and show great care for all of their animals. I just got two female gliders from crazy critters and its very reassuring to know that if I have any questions I can ask the experts at crazy critters! Two thumbs up.

We love our new sugar gliders Batman and Robbin!!!

You sure changed our Sophia, she has become such a lover thanks to you. Thank you Compassionate Canine for helping us learn how to help Sophia with her aggression. She self corrects herself now, we barely ever have to correct her.

I only buy from Crazy Critters. We support our local businesses and their knowledge and expertise is unmatched. Love the family vibes too!

Crazy Critters is the nicest. I am look forward to getting my sugar gliders!

The family at crazy critters is sooo nice am helpful.i enjoy going there..and i have a cute bumper sticker from them,well i put it on my bumper:-)

Very family friendly and give excellent advice for pets!

Best pet shop hope to get some new pets from there.

Awesome place. Awesome people :)

Sugar gliders are so awesome. Its taking much patience and dedication to our newest members. :)

I absolutely love Crazy Critters. Their shop is very clean and sanitary and they take very good care of all their animals. Out of all the pet shops ive been to, Crazy Critters is the best. Keep up the good work guys. Your doing great!

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