Our Priorities

Crazy Critters Not Your Average Pet Shop!

1. Our number one priority is the care and love that the pets in our store receive while they are with us waiting to meet their life-long family. We start by working with USDA inspected and licenses professional breeders that meet all care requirements.  We than provide a clean, safe and fun environment for our pets under the direction of animal care experts and licensed veterinarians our pets receive all the love and care possible.

2. Our second priority is our customers. We know our customers want to bring home a pet that is healthy, happy and well socialized. While in our care they are kept in a clean, comfortable living space and provided with daily play sessions. Have questions or need more information? be sure to reach out to our staff while visiting, our knowledgeable and professional team members strive to make every customer's visit a unique experience.

3. Our third priority is to work in the community and offer space for rescue puppies/dogs to find their new homes and to offer donations to our local shelter and rescue groups.