Crazy Critter's Hedgehog Herd

Crazy Critter's Hedgehog Herd

Where do our hedgehog babies grow up? Check it out Here


Hedgehog Boys

Caspar ~ our founding father. DOB 8/12
Color ~ Black-Eyed Cinnicot

Caspar comes from Sioux Falls, SD. He was our first hedgehog and taught us a lot about being patient and how to properly say hello to a hedgehog.   

Breeding Hedgehog - Black-Eyed Cinnicot Breeding Hedgehog - Black-Eyed Cinnicot         

Treasure Thorn ~ DOB 05/15
Color ~ Reverse Pinto

Treasure Thorn is already showing a adventurist side as he loves to wander away from mom to check out new things.


Thunder ~ DOB 01/15
Color ~  Salt & Pepper

Thunder loves to explore and to show off for the ladies, his favorite pastime is to run on his wheel. Thunder also enjoys climbing into every nook & cranny of any room he is in.


Hedgehog Girls

Abby ~ our founding mother. DOB 6/12
Color ~ Brown/Chocolate

Abby comes from Niagara falls, NY. Abby taught us a lot about mother hood, and how to handle the babies just so.  

Breeding Hedgehog - Brown/Chocolate Breeding Hedgehog - Brown/Chocolate

Pixie ~ DOB 8/14
Color ~ Albino

Pixie is a real sweet heart she loves to be held and to run on the floor exploring under the desk. She is a wonderful mother almost never leaving the nest just in case her babies need her.


Daisy ~ DOB 4/14
Color ~ Chocolate with very lite snowflaking 

Daisy has a very sweet and out going personality. She loves to play in the grass and get petted by all the kids.

Breeding Hedgehog - Chocolate with very lite snowflaking  

Cloverkiss ~ DOB 04/14
Color ~ Algerian dark pinto w/split face + snowflake with yellow quills over the top of her head.

Cloverkiss comes from Minnesota, she is very curious about the world around her and is best friends with Abby.  

 Breeding Hedgehog - Half Masked Pattern  Breeding Hedgehog - Half Masked Pattern

Miss. Piggy ~ DOB 2014
Color ~ Reverse Pinto

Miss. Piggy came to us from a hobby breeder in the Black Hills area. Miss. Piggy enjoys eating mealworms and playing on her wheel, her favorite game is to chew on all new and exciting items in her room (aka the rug). 


Retirees (Pet Only)

These are some of the retired breeders in the Crazy Critter's herd. While many of our retirees are adopted to new homes, these individuals are particularly special to us and will remain in our care as spoiled pets for as long as they live. Their lines and genes are perpetuated in our breeding program through their offspring.

(At this time we do not currently have any retirees)