Sugar Glider Specific House VS. Bird Cage which is better?

Why would you put your sugar glider at risk. Using anything other then a sugar glider specific house? You might have seen them on other sugar glider website's where they use bird cages (Big aviaries or Flight cages) and call them sugar glider house's. This is just not the case, bird cages with vertically bars are designed for birds not for jumping, gliding, climbing sugar gliders. 

So whats the BIG deal?

  • Vertically bars that run up and down have very few horizontal bars. For an active glider this can be a serious problem, because when they jump from one side to the other side, they have to squeeze the vertical bars to hold on, to keep from sliding down. Because their hands are small and fragile, this can lead to cuts and tears in their paws.
  • Doors that are easily opened for escape.
  • Sugar Gliders can also get their heads stuck in between the bars and strangle themselves. 
  • Possibility of ZINC poisoning. Since some cages are made of a cheap pot metal that’s either galvanized or epoxy coated to avoid rusting, this can leave a distinct zinc residue on their animal occupants. 

So what dose a sugar glider specific house look like?


  • 1/2” x 1” wire spacing to ensure an easy grip for gliders feet (No sliding down).
  • Extra tall house's to give your tree dwelling glider a comfortably living space.
  • No sliding doors to escape out of.
  • No bars to get their heads stuck in.
  • PWDC coating is completely harmless to your sugar gliders and is easy to clean. 

    Now that we have established what kind of enclosure is best what next?

    Heat: Sugar Gliders prefer to be kept at temperatures between 80 & 85 degrees (F) this can best be accomplished by using a black nighttime heat lamp bulb 75 watts. If keep at cooler temperatures your sugar gliders will have a stronger odder and have a much harder time bonding to their human family because they are not comfortable. 

    Bedding: The bottom of your enclosure should have a dust free, sent free bedding. What we have found to work best is corn cob bedding.

    Sleeping Space: Your sugar gliders will want a sleeping spot that is warm and quit. You can do this best by providing a sweet dreams sleeping bag available in the Shop