Dog/Puppy Adoption Questionnaire

When you are purchasing a puppy / dog from Crazy Critters it is assumed that you have taken time to seriously consider the life long commitment and responsibilities that are involved in choosing to be a pet owner /  guardian. And, you have decided that you are ready and able to accept all of the moral, physical and financial responsibilities  associated with bringing a puppy / dog into your home. The following questionnaire is intended to help you think through some of the facets of pet ownership that you may not have throughly considered and will aid us in making sure that all puppies / dogs placed by Crazy Critters will be going to permanent families / homes. Remember not everyone who desires to purchase / adopt a puppy / dog should do so and it takes a courageous person to admit this to themselves when faced with the cute puppy in the pet store window.

After you have filled out the adoption questionnaire we will set up a convenient time to call for a brief 15-20 min interview to review your answers as well as answer questions and finalize details. 

Crazy Critters feels that our #1 priority and responsibility is to the puppies / dogs in our care. Therefore, Crazy Critters reserves the right to refuse to place any puppy / dog in any home if it is felt that it could possibly jeopardize the long term health or well being of the puppy / dog. Should it prove necessary to terminate the adoption process a refund of purchase price will be considered on a case by case situation.

Crazy Critters will have three (3) days post sale to call references and if anything is found amiss terminate the puppy purchase and bring the puppy back to our store. Likewise if the new family finds in the first three (3) days that the puppy is not a good fit they have the option to bring it back and receive a refund minus $50 adoption application fee.     

Not sure what kind of puppy is right for your family? Animal Planet Breed Selector is a great place to start researching what will be a good fit for you.


Note:There is a non-refundable application fee of $50 to ensure your seriousness in starting the adoption process for your new puppy. Application fee will be applied towards the total adoption fee of your puppy.

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