Baby Hedgehog Nursery

 Baby Hedgehog Nursery

Here at Crazy Critters raising hedgehog babies is more than just producing babies for a quick sale. We take the responsibility of caring for our hedgehogs and their babies very seriously, everything we do is geared towards raising babies with great temperaments & health and providing their parents with a loving home right here with us.

We do this in many ways some of which we will share with you by giving you a peek at our hedgehog nursery, so that you can see how our adult hedgehogs are carded for and how your future baby is raised and spoiled before going home with you and your family. 


The room that our hedgehogs stay in is kept at 78F degrees to keep the babies from getting a chill. The enclosures that our hedgehogs are housed in are large enough to allow them plenty of space to exercise and play.      


The main enclosure has a wheel (hedgehogs favorite  toy) with room for the dinner dish and space to explore  their surroundings.  Our hedgehog enclosures are attached by tunnels to nest box's. Designed to to provide a dark quit sleeping spot where the hedgehogs can rest and raise their babies in peace. 


Mamma checking out tunnel. Baby hedgehog's sleeping in nest box. Resting after a hard night of playing.












Our hedgehogs get a chance to play outside of their enclosures several times a week. Letting them run threw tunnels, push balls around and explore every nook and cranny looking for extra treats. This gives our adults & babies a great socializing/learning opportunity so that they are less fearful of new things and naturally more curious about the world around them. 



Here at Crazy Critters our hedgehogs are treated like family, from yummy treats to snuggle time our hedgehogs are personal pets that we take great pride in caring for here. Our adult hedgehogs are treated with respect and we do every thing we can to provide a safe, fun and above all else a loving home environment where they and their babies can flourish.