Sugar Glider Workshop

What are the basic needs of an exotic pet? 

 Without basic care life cannot be. 98% of sugar gliders are dead within the first year of life because while the items listed below are not difficult to follow they are very specific and often grossly misunderstand. To compound the problem sugar gliders are master at hiding if they do not feel good. This can take form as severe aggression or lethargic behavior (appears to already be hand tamed just lets you do whatever you want to it) "He was always the more friendly one right before he died" This is a true quote that I hear at least once a week from desperate owners trying to save the second glider in the pair.   

Don't let that person be you! Get the right info the first time it can literally mean life or death for your sugar gliders. Is your pride or denial worth it? This is a safe place to come and ask questions, no judgment is passed we just what to help you have the happiest and healthiness pets in the world. 

Survive or Thrive – You Decide

Get the support and help you need to feel confident when working with your exotic pets (sugar gliders/hedgehogs) with an understanding USDA guide to help you and your pets through life’s journey.

Sugar Glider Workshop ~ 45 min to 1 hr = $35

Lessen covers:

* Getting to know your sugar gliders
* How to properly hold your sugar gliders
* Bonding Tips & Advise 
* Scent work
* Biting & Nipping
* Diet/ Menu plan
* Rejected joys or orphaned joys
* Self-mutilation & over grooming
* How to diagnose & care for depressed sugar gliders
* FREE Nail Trimming for your sugar gliders



Next workshop: September 2, 2015

Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Location: Rushmore Mall 2200 N Maple Ave, Rapid City, SD at the Dog Training room which is the first set of glass doors to the left of the food court entrance (paw prints in the top windows and Crazy Critters - Compassionate Canine on the door).

Disclaimer:  We here at Crazy Critters are USDA exotic specialist NOT vets, however we have helped folks just like you with their exotics pets and have been able to bring some back literately from the edge of death. We are here to provided specific care information and to guide you through the Truths, Myths, & Facts of exotic pets.  The information and or advice provided on/by is intended to be used only as a guide to assist you with your exotic pets. The information appearing on this website is not a substitute for veterinarian consultation, evaluation, or treatment. Nothing contained in this website or provided over the phone or in a workshop should be construed as medical advice or diagnosis. If your animal is in need of medical treatment it is your responsibility to seek help. 


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