Exotic Pet Food & Treat Items

The Sugar Gliders have trained us well here at Crazy Critters, When ever someone walks through their room, they come out and do their best to look extra Sugar glider in food bowlhungry and supper cute. 

So we always keep lots of treats on hand and so should you! You never know what they will come in handy for:  

Catching your sugar gliders being extra good.
Training your sugar gliders to jump back too you.
Teaching your sugar gliders that you are exciting and FUN to be around.

If you won't eat it, or think the ingredients are yucky.  

Why are you forcing a helpless unable to defend itself sugar glider too? 

Sugar Glider eating a treat Sugar glider peeking out of pocket  

Go to our  To Eat or Not To Eat page to find your current sugar glider food and see how it ranks.