Care Details Hedgehog

Hedgehogs more than just pets, they're playmates.

We breed a select number of hedgehog babies a year,
so that we can focus on raising 
babies with great temperaments & health.

Crazy Critter's hedgehog babies are played with daily by kids of all ages. They are also exposed to lots of house hold sounds (vacuum cleaner, barking dogs, music, pet birds) so that they are not easily startled by them, making them well adjusted to their human families.                       

Interested in getting on our exclusive waiting list for hedgehog babies? Place a Non-refundable deposit of $75 to hold your place in line. This deposit holds your baby hedgehog until it is 6 weeks old, after the age of 6 weeks payment in full is required to hold your baby any longer. If the baby hedgehog is not paid in full by 6 weeks of age you than forfeit the Non-refundable deposit of $75 and the baby hedgehog becomes available for a new family.

You will receive regular updates with pictures of your baby up in tell he/she is ready to be picked up. 

Final price is based on color & temperament. Deposit is counted towards price.

 Standard Adoption Fee: $250 Specialized Colors: $275 Available Hedgehog Adults: $175
Classic Gray's ~ Pinto's Albino's ~ Apricot's
Masked Pattern's ~ Reverse Pinto's
From time to time we have adult hedgehogs for adoption
 such as retired breeders, re-homed hedgehogs, or rescues. 

When placing a deposit for a baby hedgehog please tell us, to the best of your ability, your color preference (if any) and temperament desired. Then as babies become available we will match you up with the best combination based on the information you provided.  We will share lots of pictures of the little ones as they grow and send you a picture of your little one at approximately 6 weeks of age for your final approval. Babies go home at 8 weeks or when they are eating and doing well on their own.

Please note that I do not adopt out hedgehogs of the opposite sex to individuals who are not USDA Lic. Whether you currently own one, or are buying one from another breeder, or want both from Crazy Critters. I sell my hedgehogs as pets only. There are many things that can go wrong with breeding hedgehogs and it is best left to responsible, USDA licensed breeders with years of hedgehog experience behind them. You may be removed from our waiting list without notice (No refund on deposits) if you are attempting an irresponsible breeding program. If you breed a hedgehog adopted from Crazy Critters it will void all health guarantees.


You will need to fill out the Adoption Application and wait for your adoption approved email from us before placing your deposit or making a payment.

Before filling out a application be sure your state allows hedgehogs to be kept as pets. Where Hedgehogs are Illegal 

Full payment is required before taking a baby hedgehog home and is due at 6 weeks of age. This to ensure that when you come to pick up your baby we have all the paper work done and can focus on your new family member plus any last minute questions you might have. 

Final pick up arrangements will be made the last 2 weeks before they go home you can arrange to have your hedgehog fly or you can pick up in person.