Welcome to Crazy Critters

Welcome to Crazy Critters Sugar glider & Hedgehog Supplies i.e. www.605critters.com home for all your Crazy Critters ~ sugar glider & hedgehog supplies & exotic pet needs! Also availbile is Crazy Critters dog training & service dog training provided by our certified dog trainer with over 10 years experience.  

Sasha Kelly and her crew at Crazy Critters have years of experience with more commonly found household pets including reptiles (snakes • beaded dragons • iguanas), birds (cocketiels • parakeets • doves), fish, cats, dogs as well as being the only professional USDA exotic sugar glider and hedgehog licensed and inspected dealer in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. Like you we have a deep respect for these special animals and the folks who bring them into their home, heart & family and we are here to offer help to both new owners and veterans a like.